About the Compass

What is the Compass?

The Compass is a curated collection of social and behavior change (SBC) resources. The collection offers the highest quality "how-to" tools and packages of materials from SBC projects. Each item in the Compass is vetted to ensure it was developed via a strategic process and had documented success in the field.
The Compass is designed to help SBC professionals improve their work by providing practical resources including:
  • How-to Guides: Step-by-step instructions on how to perform fundamental SBC tasks
  • Trending Topics: A collection of 20-30 resources on a hot topic
  • Spotlights: Real-life examples of how successful SBC campaigns were designed, implemented, and evaluated
  • SBC project materials and resources  
Compass users are invited to upload their own resources to the collection. 


What qualifies resources for inclusion in the Compass?

The Compass is a curated collection of the top SBC resources. When contributors submit materials, we review them to ensure that they meet our two criteria:

  1. The item was created using a strategic process
  2. The item has documented positive results - whether in the form of evaluation reports, success stories, case studies, or broader adoption

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What is Springboard?

The Compass is teamed closely with Springboard, an online community of SBC professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Members connect with one another, share experiences, ask and give advice, post jobs, and enhance their skills. To participate in the community, register at springboardforsbc.org.  


What do I do if I want to use or adapt one of the materials I find in the Compass?

We provide this database as a resource for SBC professionals. If you would like to make use of, or adapt, any of the items you find in the Compass, please contact the producer of the material. Further use of any of the materials in the database is the responsibility of the user. If you need more help, just write to info@thecompassforsbc.org. For more information about adapting materials, check out our How-to-Guide: How to Adapt SBCC Materials

Please note that if you want to reproduce or adapt a resource, you should check that the content is up to date - you may need to update content to meet current recommendations for specific health topics.


Who manages the Compass?

The Compass is a project managed by a team of SBC experts at Breakthrough-ACTION. The team works in collaboration with SBC experts from many local, national, and international groups.  

The Compass team welcomes your suggestions, comments, and questions. We look forward to working with you to share your organization’s SBC resources and to help you find the resources you need to do your job.  You can contact us at info@thecompassforsbc.org.


Descriptions of materials in the Compass:

Please note that some of the resource descriptions are taken directly from the site of the producing organization.


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