Trending Topics

Trending Topics are carefully selected packages of resources brought together on high priority SBCC health and technical issues. They range from Malaria SBCC strategies to Data Visualization to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for SBCC. New topics are added often and respond to what the SBCC community is talking about.


How-to Guides

How-to Guides are on-line step-by-step guides that walk through the key elements of the SBCC process and link to supporting resources, templates, and examples. The guides cover a broad range of topics ranging from the fundamentals of SBCC - such as how to conduct a situation analysis or develop a creative brief for SBCC - to more advanced topics like how to inspire creativity for materials design or how to apply a logic model as part of an organization’s research methodology. The guides might be used as a first introduction to the SBCC topic or as an opportunity to reflect on and strengthen already existing capacity.



SBCC Spotlights

The bi-monthly SBCC Spotlight provides an in-depth look into a specific SBCC intervention. Like investigative journalists, we interview the team who created and implemented the intervention and who developed the materials. Starting from analysis and running through the development of a strategy, design of materials and activities, and monitoring and evaluation, we bring the story of what worked, what did not, and how to apply these lessons.

Spotlight UPDATES:  As new information/results/documents/materials reach us, we will continuously update the Spotlights - so check back often to read about the latest developments in each campaign.



Campaigns, Kits and Packages

Most materials are not used alone. Campaigns, Kits and Packages provides a list of the campaigns and kits that are available on the Health COMpass.