Alive & Thrive is an initiative in Vietnam aimed at improving infant and young child feeding by increasing rates of exclusive breastfeeding and improving complementary feeding practices.

This poster illustrates the four rules for treating diarrhoeal disease at home:

  1. Give the child more fluids
  2. Give zinc tablets every day for 10 days
  3. Continue feeding the child as usual
  4. Take the child to a health center of the condition doesn't improve

This collection of slides presents various elements of a behavior change communication campaign in India that focused on raising awareness and promoting the benefits of oral rehydration salts (ORS) and zinc to treat childhood diarrhea.

The checklist is based on criteria endorsed by the WHO to determine with reasonable certainty that a woman is not pregnant. Evaluation of the checklist in family planning clinics has demonstrated that the tool is very effective in correctly identifying women who are not pregnant.