The Guide for Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Products and Services for Men focuses on meaningfully engaging men and creating an enabling environment to increase men’s use of SRH products and services. Drawing on lessons learned from the promotion of male condoms, vasectomy, voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), HIV testing services (HTS) and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment, the guide provides guidance, resources and examples of approaches that have increased men’s use of SRH products and services in a variety of settings.

This video, which can be used on smart phones, describes several techniques that can be used to help prevent cholera, including methods of treating water, washing of hands, and seeking medical advice if/when one has the symptoms of cholera.

This fact sheet offers information about cholera prevention related to sanitation, food and water. It also covers signs and symptoms, treatment, and treatment of water.

These are generic posters created for Africa, Haiti, and Southeast Asia, which can be used to help educate people about good hygiene practices, methods for disinfecting water, and caring for family members who may be at risk of contracting cholera. They are designed for all audiences and the graphics have been made regionally specific.

This fact sheet provices basic information about the history of cholera, its symptoms, treatment, epidemiology, ans surveillance.

L’évolution de la prévalence parasitaire de 2009 à 2015, classe toujours le Sénégal parmi les pays de l’Afrique Sub-saharienne (ASS) où le paludisme est endémique et constitue un problème de santé. Toutefois ce fardeau a connu une régression significative de plus de 50% entre 2009 et 2015.