Avian Influenza Emergency Risk Communication

Emergency risk management is usually based on a team approach to decision-making, response and control. In this guide, this team-based approach is applied to the scenario of an avian influenza outbreak, leading the user through the steps necessary to first plan and develop a response and then to secondly, implement the plan. It providea practical direction on how to effectively communicate correct information and what to do during the pre-outbreak, outbreak and post-outbreak periods. Many of these skills can also be applied to other crisis/emergency situations.

This Guide is separated into two parts:

  • Part I - Avian Influenza Emergency Risk Communication Planning
  • Part 2 - Taking Action and Communicating Effectively during an Avian Influenza Outbreak.

This Guide is designed to be used in the active development of procedures and protocols for using communication in responding to an outbreak of avian influenza.