GoodLife.Live it Well Campaign

The Ghana Behavior Change Support project ran from 2009 - 2014. This video captures some highlights from this national social and behavior change communication program targeting many health areas, including malaria, child survival, family planning and hand washing.

The Ghana Behavior Change Support Project (BCS) launched the national multimedia GoodLife campaign, which ran from September 2009 to September 2013. The campaign included a song, “Life is what you make it” that linked personal happiness to the practice of healthy behaviors, the highly popular GoodLife Game Show, a GoodLife New Year’s concert featuring many popular Ghanaian artists and the “Aha ye de” (It’s good here) malaria campaign showcasing a famous hip hop singer. 

GoodLife is a unified, umbrella brand by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and the Behavior Change Support (BCS) Project. It is part of an exciting overarching multimedia campaign in Ghana. The GoodLife initiative encourages self-reflection about what makes life “good” and links personal happiness to the practice of healthy behaviors.

The Ghana GoodLife campaign, which ran from 2009-2014, was a unifying umbrella brand implemented under the Ghana Behavior Change Support (BCS) Project. BCS sought to increase demand and use of commodities and services as well as positive behaviors related to six key health areas: family planning, malaria, maternal and child health, nutrition, and water and sanitation.

This teaser flyer was used in the first phase of the GoodLife Ghana Project.  It was designed to create "buzz" and curiosity about the meaning of the phrase GoodLife and what the project was going to address.  In the second phase of the project, more information was provided, linking GoodLife to wishes for a better life via good health.

These information cards were produced as part of the Behavior Change Support (BCS) project in Ghana. They are designed for individual or group discussions, and provide information on various health topics. The health worker/educator shows the cards to the group, who then launch into a discussion about the health topic.

This user’s guide applies a narrative of the story of Kwame and his friends to demonstrate how the Community Action Kit can be used by community level health agents to improve health promotion in a participatory way.  The Community Action Kit is made up of a Guide, Activity Cards, and Information Cards.

These t-shirts were produced as part of the GoodLife campaign in Ghana. The t-shirts feature the GoodLife logo (a modern twist on the traditional Ghanaian adinkra symbol Nkyemekyeme, which means creativity and determination can overcome life’s obstacles). GoodLife T-shirts were used during brand positioning and distributed widely.