Program Guidance

Social and behavior change (SBC) approaches target multiple levels of this ecosystem and are thus a pivotal part of family planning (FP) programming – impacting the interpersonal relationships, community structures, and social norms that guide individual behavior. Evidence based SBC interventions can increase knowledge of FP, shift attitudes and norms, and influence behaviors around contraceptive use.

This message guide is intended to provide a reference for presenting accurate, standardized, basic health information in simple language, using a health message format relevant to the prevention and management of anthrax, brucellosis, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, Rift Valley Fever, and rabies in Ethiopia. It aims to facilitate coordination across sectors to ensure effective, consistent, and credible communication of messages through multiple sources and channels. 

These videos were created as part of the "Life is Precious, Take Care of It" campaign supported by Breakthrough ACTION Zambia. The videos feature three HIV positive men who tell their stories and explain how they live in good health and strength due to carefully adhereing to their ART regimens. They also remind men to get tested for HIV so that they know their status and to use condoms everey time they have sex.

These three videos, featuring Bernard, a preacher, Norah a comunity health worker, and Chief Shabila, offer three different perspectives on the work of the Breakthrough ACTION Zambia project, and were created at the end of the project as part of the closing activities.