This TV advertisement focusing on gender awareness and violence against women, is sponsored by Gillette, a corporation which manufactures razors for both men and women.  It focuses on the negative history of men's attitudes towards women, and warns that the men of today must realize that t

This case study describes a pilot project in Cote d'Ivoire which promotes HIV self-testing via barbershops. Preliminary human-centered-based research resulted in a finding that barbershops were a key gathering point for men in Côte D’Ivoire. The HIV self testing promotions were also communicated via religious leaders and social media.

These five radio mini-dramas (2 minutes each) were created as part of the Bilharzia Awareness Campaign in Uganda, 2016-2017. 

72% of those who heard radio messages said they heard the campaign information, and 48% said they took action as a result.