This video walks the view through a hospital and offers "bubbles" of information over the heads of hsopital staff, family members and patients so that the medical professionals get a better idea of their fears, thoughts, and hopes.  It was shown by the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic to a general meeting of staff in 2013.  

A video used to stimulate discussion in trainings. It depicts the contrast between theory and practice of clinical diagnosis in a semi-urban Nigerian context. It shows the procedure for conducting RDT for malaria and how a provider can effectively use interpersonal communication to manage clients. Accompanied by a discussion guide.

Une revue de la littérature et une enquête qualitative avec des hommes et des femmes en Côte d'Ivoire âgés de 15 à 49 ans ont été menées pour caractériser les forces qui façonnent l'utilisation et le non-usage des PF, ainsi que les exigences pour combler l'écart entre l'intention et l'action. les groupes les plus susceptibles d'accroître leur utilisation de la PF.

The first file is a success story of family planning satisfied users during an interaction. Similarly, second file describes how the integration of family planning service with immunization could increase uptake of family planning service at rural areas. The third file depicts an event how a man was interested in NSV after couple counseling.

The Nepal Family Health Program (NFHP-I) was a six-year (2002-2007) bilateral activity of United States Agency for International Development, Nepal (USAID/N) with the Government of Nepal.