The aim of this app is to give health workers – particularly those in remote rural areas – a tool that helps to get patients quick and efficient specialist care. The app was initially only for ophthalmology referrals, but it quickly became clear that the functionality provided by Vula was widely needed.

In order to increase the skills of health workers, and encourage them to apply the ABIBADAN-based counseling approach consistently and effectively. HC3 conducted a 3-day workshop to design supplementary IPCC modules using a scenario-based approach, that HWs can use in a self-learning environment to improve their counseling knowledge, skills and

This three-part curriculum is designed to provide a broad range of health care workers with the skills and sensitivity needed to work with male clients and provide men's reproductive health services.

This one page job aid is an instructional sheet developed in pictorial format inorder to instruct healthworkers about how to apply CHX on the umbilical cords of newborns. 

An estimated 18% of FGM/C cases are being performed by professionally trained health workers.  This number has risen due to the widespread growth of knowledge about the possible health problems associated with FGM/C.

This animated video, available in English, French, Portuguese and Japanese, explains how counterfeit medications can look exactly like legitimate medication and how the public can easily be fooled in purchcasing medication that will not work and may even harm. or kill, patients.

This course is designed to provide information to enable physicians to recognize dengue cases early in the clinical course, assess patients appropriately, and provide timely treatment. It consists of 5 modules.  The first four modules deal with clinical issues delaing with diagnosis and treatment.