Misinformation on COVID-19 in rural Nigeria was widespread. Rumours included that only those in cities, Egyptians, the rich, or people over 40 could get sick. In addition, rumours spread that alcohol consumption could prevent COVID-19 (based on the use of alcohol hand sanitiser), or that eating raw garlic could prevent it.

Lassa Fever Posters

These posters describe symptoms and prevention of Lassa Fever in English, Yoruba, Pidgin, Hausa and Igbo.

This brief provides rigorous evidence-based insights to implementers and researchers of social and behavior change (SBC) programs that seek to improve community knowledge, attitudes, norms and behaviors for improved health of women and their young children.

Access to quality and affordable Family planning {FP) services is crucial in improving Maternal and Child health (MCH) indices in Nigeria. High quality FP services is a key determinant of contraceptive uptake, and availability of a full range of commodities enables a woman to make an informed decision and increases contraceptive uptake and continuation.