South Africa

This TV spot takes place in a beauty salon where two of the women share that their partners were recently circumcised.  One goes into detail about how she convinced her partner to undergo the procedure and how much better their love life has been.  Another shyly tells the other patrons that her partner did the same thing.

Intersexions is an award-winning television series that shows how the inter-relationships between sexual partners enable HIV to spread insidiously across society. Episode by episode, Intersexions systematically fills in another link in the sexual network which spreads and doubles back on itself, introducing new characters and occasionally revisiting familiar ones.

The Brothers for Life campaign was launched in South Africa in 2009 to address the risks associated with multiple and concurrent partnerships, sex and alcohol abuse, and gender based violence and which also promoted HIV testing, male involvement in PMTCT and other health seeking behaviors.

This campaign reaches out to young people in Kenya with awareness and prevention information on HIV/AIDS. The HIV Prevention effort includes the MTV premiere of "Shuga," a fast-moving drama that focuses on the lives of several young adults and university students as they confront the realities of love, jobs, and their families.

This is a resource to help community radio staff and volunteers. It can be used as a reference for technicians as they go about their day-to-day work, cleaning the studios and doing repairs. It can be used to train new people in the programming department - the many producers, newsreaders, presenters and DJs who will operate the studios.

SKILLZ is a culture, mindset, and toolkit for educators to use when teaching young people about HIV and AIDS and life skills. SKILLZ programs create simple and powerful connections between soccer and life.