South Africa

A trailer for a TV series about Violence Against Women. In the story, a woman who is continually abused by her husband decides to go to her community for help. She also goes to the authorities and he is served with a protection order. The next time he beats her, she cries for help and the entire community comes to her aid.

This resource is from the Brothers for Life campaign, which was launched in 2009 and seeks to address the risks associated with multiple and concurrent partnerships, sex and alcohol abuse, and gender-based violence; and promotes HIV testing, male involvement in PMTCT, and other health seeking behaviors.

This guide for Soul Buddyz Clubs covers the issue of alcohol abuse and how to take action against it. The guide contains information and activities relating to the themes covered in the Soul Buddyz television drama so that messages are reinforcing.

This poster encourages Soul Buddyz Club kids to rate their own school in terms of safety, bullying, weapons, stealing, alcohol, drugs, disrespect, fights, hitting, and sexual harassment. It also provides steps for the students to take to make their school a safer place.