The Men's Health Kit was designed in Zambia as a facility-based teaching aid that can be used by health providers when counseling men about health.

This 20 minute program tells of a couple with two children.  The husband has multiple partners outside the marriage, and eventually the wife throws him out.  He realizes that he wants to return to his wife, but his wise uncle counsels him to get tested for HIV before doing so.  He finds out he is negative, but realizes what a close call he had.

This Learning Brief summarizes a qualitative process evaluation conducted to assess communities’ response to a community dialogue approach, after one year of implementation in rural settings of three countries (Mozamique, Uganda and Zambia), in terms of outreach, relevance and intermediate results.

This comprehensive booklet outlines many aspects of HIV.  It begins with explaining how the body defends itself against illness, and then goes on to explain how HIV works in the body. In addition to the basic information, several HIV positive individuals are profiled throughout the booklet.

The contents include:

This pamphlet explains the importance of getting tested for HIV as the first step in protecting oneself and one's partners and living a healthy life.