14 Actions You Can Take to Adapt Your FP/RH Program for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed virtually every aspect of life around the world. Restrictions on movement and gatherings are impacting access to contraceptives and health care. Community health workers and providers, who are key linkages to service provision in many contexts, are also limited in their movements.

Adapting programs to this changing landscape, or even knowing where to start, can feel daunting. Several organizations have provided important guidance on voluntary reproductive health care and family planning and gender and gender-based violence in the current context of COVID-19.

These 14 recommendations will position programs and organizations to better adapt to shifting realities and help to ensure that the needs of women and girls are met in these uncertain times. The ability to act quickly, efficiently, and effectively are critical in outbreak responses. As indirect impacts to reproductive health care and voluntary family planning continue to evolve, these skills will be paramount. And they will strengthen your program’s position no matter what the future holds.

Last modified: August 10, 2020

Language: English