Adolescent HIV Testing, Counselling and Care

This tool is a follow-on to the 2013 WHO guidance document – HIV and Adolescents: Guidance for Testing and Counseling and Care for Adolescents Living with HIV.

The tool illustrates, animates and amplifies the recommendations and key messages of the formal guidelines with practical guidance and engaging, multi-format resources for reaching adolescents and providing more appropriate, appealing and effective HIV testing and counselling, treatment and care services specifically for them. The tool also covers operational considerations that must be addressed for effective implementation of the recommendations. It presents concrete, practice examples of service delivery approaches that have been successful and practical tools that have been useful for some programmes, and that can be replicated or adapted to suit specific settings. It also presents the perspectives of adolescents living with HIV, health providers and planners.

Last modified: April 13, 2020

Language: English