Behavior Change Communication (BCC) for Community-Based Volunteers (Toolkit)

This toolkit contains technical materials for training community-based volunteers plus summaries of key guidelines for behavior change communication. While developed as part of a malaria prevention effort, this training guide also covers child health and hygiene, in addition to malaria.

The toolkit covers the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Introductory session
  • Session 2: Introduction to behavior change communication (BCC)
  • Session 3: Developing messages
  • Session 4: Methods Part 1: Health talks, cue cards and demonstrations
  • Session 5: Methods Part 2: Short plays and songs
  • Session 6: Methods Part 3: Home visits to deliver health messages
  • Session 7: Group project and presentations
  • Session 8: Training techniques for adult learning
  • Session 9: Promoting engagement through small group work
  • Session 10: Preparation to present the training sessions
  • Session 11: Practice presentations and feedback
  • Session 12: Training summary and evaluation

Last modified: October 17, 2021

Language: English