Behaviour Centered Programming: An Approach to Effective Behavior Change: Quick Guide

This guide is meant to serve as a reference to program planners in using Behavior Centered Programming—a strategic planning and program design process that translates a health problem into feasible behavior-based solutions and identifies ways to motivate and support people in carrying those solutions out. Behavior Centered Programming can be applied to programs including national communications campaigns, community-based interpersonal activities, advocacy efforts, social marketing of products, goods or services or large, integrated programs that include many levels and kinds of work.

This Quick Guide contains 6 worksheets—one for each step in the Behavior Centered Programming process. The worksheets are used to organize data that is gathered during the situational assessment, behavioral analysis, and program definition steps, which inform identification of strategic behavior change activities, a detailed communication plan, and a monitoring and evaluation plan.

A new user of the matrices will need additional guidance on how to use them since the intention of this guide is for it to be used by individuals with some exposure to behavior change programming.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English