Building the Capacity of Local Groups: A PILLARS Guide

These guides are designed for use in small group situations where one or more people are literate and confident enough to lead others in group discussion. They aim to provide material for discussion around a subject either in isolation or as part of a regular group meeting; for example of farmers, literacy trainees or Mothers Union members. Ideally just two or three pages should be used each time allowing plenty of time for discussion of the issues raised and for carrying out some of the practical ideas suggested. No training is first necessary for the discussion leader.

PILLARS Guides aim to increase confidence among group members, so that they can successfully manage change within their own situation without the need for outside intervention. They try to build on existing knowledge and experiences among the members or within their community, so that different ideas can be tried out, adapted, and then either abandoned if not useful or appropriate, or found useful and adopted.

Last modified: August 2, 2021

Language: English