Business Planning for Health: Building Organizational Capacity to Improve Health

Business Planning for Health Program (BPH) enables organizations to systematically assess their existing services and products, their management systems, and organizational practices and think creatively and realistically about ways to meet client needs. In the past, ideas carried out by NGOs have often been shaped by donors and other external parties that provide the funding.

This program encourages organizations themselves to generate innovative ideas based on market research and client needs. This resource covers topics such as: 1. capturing and packaging breakthrough ideas, 2.identifying target markets, 3.developing marketing strategies, and aspects of a business plan. The tools, techniques, and worksheets supplied during this learning experience simplify the complexities of business planning, while helping participants balance their enthusiasm with market realities. Well-crafted business plans help open the door to foundations, corporate-giving programs, philanthropists, and donor agencies that seek to support health and social services.

The BPH was designed as a comprehensive blended-learning program, using both face-to-face and electronic methodologies — an approach well suited to busy health organizations with restricted resources. The BPH starts with a one-week orientation workshop, after which participants return to their work places.

Last modified: August 4, 2021

Language: English