Combating Zika: Social and Behavior Change Fact Sheet

This fact sheet outlines USAID’s priorities in combatting Zika.

These priorities are:

  • Support governments to design, implement, and evaluate quality SBC interventions for Zika and other vector borne diseases
  • Provide accurate information to target populations about Zika risks and empower them to practice key preventive behaviors
  • Improve the evidence base for effective SBC programming for Zika, other vector borne diseases, and future emergency responses

The fact sheet also lists seven priority behaviors that need to be addressed in Zika programming:

  1. Apply mosquito repellant during pregnancy
  2. Use condoms during pregnancy
  3. Cover water storage containers
  4. Remove mosquito eggs from water storage container walls weekly
  5. Remove standing water weekly
  6. Seek prenatal care
  7. Seek FP counseling

Last modified: July 2, 2019

Language: English