Community Video for Nutrition Guide

This Guide is a step-by-step reference to support the design and implementation of a community-led video project focused on MIYCN behaviors. Not a comprehensive programming tool, it is intended to be used in combination with DG’s SOPs and with video production, editing, and monitoring and information system (MIS) training manuals.

This Guide is specifically intended to provide organizations, projects, and practitioners interested in using or testing community video for maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) with the critical information and tools needed to initiate, produce, and disseminate a participatory community-video approach for MIYCN.

References are provided for the necessary formative research, training, equipment specifications, and other tools outlined in the appendices to this package as well as for the training materials, forms, and sample program-planning documents found in the DG SOPs. These tools are intended to be reviewed and adjusted or adapted to meet a project’s specific needs and local context. To facilitate adaptation, each tool in the appendices is available to be downloaded in editable Word format.

This Guide focuses on the three specific components of the SPRING/DG approach (Initiation, Production, and Diffusion) and goes into detail about the nutrition-specific adaptations of the DG standard model outlined in the DG SOPs. The MIYCN-specific elements that make up the bulk of this Guide are specifically noted in boxes at the beginning of each chapter and bolded in the figures detailing the steps of the approach. Implementation tips are also included in each chapter, along with anecdotes describing specific challenges or experiences encountered while testing the approach.

Last modified: August 16, 2021

Language: English, French