Complimentary Design Approaches for Global Health

This resource provides a snapshot of different approaches and how they can provide complementary perspectives when used together in global health projects.

The combination of skills and expertise afforded by multi-disciplinary approaches can benefit efforts to address global health challenges. Adopting these complementary approaches can generate insights that are more unique and nuanced, and that ultimately present innovative solution to address complex health problems that might not be generated when relying on a single approach. This combination of different approaches, points of view, and expertise also mitigates the risk of bias over-influencing the development of a solution.

In developing global health solutions, complementary approaches can be combined for the following reasons:

  • Development: To use results from one method to develop or inform another method
  • Expansion: To examine a research question for which different aspects of the question warrant different methods
  • Triangulation: To use data obtained by various methods to corroborate findings

Last modified: November 15, 2021

Language: English