COVID-19 Pandemic Putting Girls at High Risk of FGM in Kenya

In some FGM practicing regions, disparate voices continue to champion continuation of harmful cultures rather than advancing human rights of women and girls. These factions seem to take advantage of emergency situations such as COVID-19 pandemic to perpetuate such harmful practices.

It is in this context and with the foregoing in mind that the recent global outbreak of COVID 19 has raised the specter of an increase of FGM and early marriages. The ongoing pandemic has created the perfect conditions for proponents of FGM and early marriage to carry out their perverted motives. The closure of schools, a pause by rule of law for institutions and organs alongside an overwhelmed health system including requirements for social distancing has created a conducive condition resulting in the resumption of FGM and early marriage activities.

Last modified: May 4, 2020

Language: English