DELTA Brand Annex

PSI’s approach to marketing planning, DELTA, addresses four key questions through a logical sequence of steps aimed at structuring the marketing thinking for better allocation of our marketing resources: 1. Where am I now? 2. Where am I going? 3. How to I get there? 4. Am I there yet? The cornerstones of DELTA are Audience Insight and Brand Positioning. Insights gathered and decisions made at these 2 key steps of the process trickle down and influence all the other decisions made in the marketing plan. If enough time and effort is spent getting these two things right, then you’ve gone a long way toward building a high quality marketing plan. But the DELTA process is more than an operational tool to assist programs in better planning and implementing their marketing interventions. It is also a strategic tool by which programs may be required to make highly strategic decisions such as brand repositioning or new products development. This Brand Annex provides additional guidance for brand development. It includes a more advanced Brand Onion; step by step ‘How To’ instructions for creating this; an explanation of the roles of all involved in the process; and criteria for evaluating the final output of the process.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English