Demographic and Health Surveys Toolkit

MEASURE DHS has developed this Toolkit to present in one place the questionnaires, manuals, and other print documents needed to assist organizations in conducting population-based Demographic and Health Surveys.

These documents are also available on the MEASURE DHS website ( The Toolkit provides a mechanism for presenting MEASURE DHS materials in one accessible place. The toolkit is a comprehensive set of materials to assist in all stages of the survey, from survey design to dissemination of results. French and Spanish translations of some documents are also available. In addition, the Toolkit provides working versions of documents, such as Word or Excel versions, when applicable. Materials are classified into categories roughly corresponding to stages in survey design, implementation, and use. Although the materials were developed for use with population-based, household surveys, some are also useful for surveys of health facilities or personnel.

Last modified: August 16, 2021

Language: English