Designing for Behavior Change For Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Health and Nutrition [Workshop Curriculum]

This field-tested, six-day curriculum responds to community development program managers’ and planners’ need for a practical behavioral framework that strategically aids them in planning for maximum effectiveness. The curriculum is built on the original BEHAVE Framework, developed by AED and expanded on by members of CORE Group’s Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Working Group and the Food Security and Nutrition Network SBC Task Force. The curriculum trains participants to apply the DBC Framework to improve development programming. The goals of the workshop are:

  • Build the capacity of PVO staff to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate effective BC strategies
  • Provide an introduction to the tools necessary for identifying Bridges to Activities that influence BC to ensure that BC activities are selected based on their potential ability to address these Bridges to Activities and to effect longterm, sustainable BC within the shortest time period possible
  • Increase levels of comfort with planning BC strategies
  • Demonstrate the use of learner-centered adult education methodologies to model how participants can replicate appropriate sections of the workshop

The workshop is designed so that the participants will, at the completion of it, have:

  • Analyzed the different components of the DBC Framework and practiced completing each of these components using real or sample data
  • Assessed data from a Barrier Analysis or Doer/Non-Doer Study to identify Bridges to Activities affecting BC in specific Priority Groups or Influencing Groups
  • Applied the DBC Framework to their own programs or to a case study to develop strategies informed by formative research results
  • Self-critiqued and received feedback from peers and facilitators, and improved their frameworks to improve the quality and increase the potential success of their BC strategies.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English