Developing Behavior Change Communications for Population, Health and Environment Projects: A Facilitator’s Guide

This guide was designed for facilitators and trainers who work with NGOs implementing population, health and environment (PHE) activities to use in developing an SBCC intervention that supports the achievement of the PHE project’s goals and objectives.

It instructs the facilitator on how to train participants on the basic components of an SBCC intervention, and also advises how to adapt these components for PHE projects that need integrated messages to raise community awareness of the PHE linkages of health and pro-conservation behaviors.

This training is best suited for NGOs and/or government agencies with existing PHE or core health/conservation activities. It is ideal for individuals from organizations that have already participated in a workshop on PHE project design or in a PHE-related workshop in which they developed a PHE conceptual framework, PHE project goal and objectives and activities.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English