Essentials for Excellence: Researching, Monitoring, and Evaluating Strategic Communication for Social Change

UNICEF staff attending an inter-regional AI/PI communication meeting in Bangkok, Thailand (August 2006), requested guidance on how to research, monitor and evaluate (RM&E) strategic communication in order to strengthen the organization’s capacity to address these important questions. Government partners have likewise requested assistance in this technical field. Essentials for Excellence has been produced in response to these requests and contains five modules on: 1. How research, monitoring and evaluation help AI/PI strategic communication, 2. How to conduct formative research at baseline, 3. How to assess immediate reactions to messages, materials and proposed behaviors, 4. How to monitor processes and early changes, and 5. How to measure and report impact. Two toolboxes that provide basic advice on data collection methods and on sampling are included. A final Annex offers examples of research instruments for local adaptation that have been used in the Asia-Pacific region.

Last modified: October 15, 2021

Language: English