Example of a Rumor/Misinformation Tracking Approach

This document offers guidance on creating a rumor/misinformation tracking system.

The initial steps involve the following:

1. Key informants receive training in detecting and recording rumors/misinformation
2. Key informants hear and recognize a reportable rumor/misinformation
3. Key informants send a WhatsUp message summarizing the message
4. Staff records the message in a database using a structured questionnaire
5. Staff codes messages according to a code book
6. Staff summarize the results using a structured template
7. Reports are reviewed frequently by focal points and forwarded to medical or surveillance experts and communication leads (standard algorithm)
8. Questions and disinformation synthesized by the focal points, who examine the coded raw data, the visuals with digital summaries of the codes, and extract the themes.
9. The focal points will also listen to a selection of original messages or read the original text and coding to validate.
10. A summary of the themes will be communicated to the coordination body for inclusion in the message guides and other community engagement activities.

Last modified: March 29, 2020

Language: English