Family Planning Counselling Kit

When the National Family Planning Logo was launched in 1998 to brand quality family planning materials and services in Zambia, one of the tools seen as critical to the effectiveness of family planning providers in Zambia was this kit. Developed based on Zambia’s national family planning guidelines and in partnership with health providers, this kit is designed to be user friendly and effective. It starts explaining the GATHER process for good counseling and then helps the provider (using a simple algorithm of questions) profile each client into one of four profiles.

Each profile is color coded to help the provider know which cards to use in counseling. It saves the provider time so she does not have to explain all the methods to every client and only explain the ones in that client’s profile. This kit goes with an orientation video for the family planning providers and is a found in most public health facilities in Zambia that provide family planning.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English