Four Things I Learned About Behavior Change During a Pandemic

This article is based on an interview with behavioral scientist Katy Milkman and social neuroscientist Jay Van Bavel, hosted by the journal Behavioral Scientist.

The two shared their insights on a range of topics—vaccine uptake, how political identity and polarization have impacted public health, their behavior-change bright spots from an otherwise challenging year, and more.

The author lists four lessons learned from this interview:

  1. Why understanding the root causes of political identity and polarization are key for public health
  2. The power of megastudies to help us understand how to boost vaccine uptake
  3. Are people more likely to change their behavior if they have personal experience with COVID-19? It’s complicated.
  4. Despite challenges, science (and scientists) shone brightly this year

Last modified: January 26, 2021

Language: English