Gender and Health Hub COVID-19 Buzzboard

The COVID-19 and Gender Buzzboard covers many topics generated by users, and is a collaborative tool for agenda setting and research initiatives.

These topics include:

  • Health knowledge, behavior, and status of those directly and indirectly affected by COVID-19 across the life course i.e., mental health, NCDs, SRHR, including health promotion and prevention interventions.
  • Therapeutic, diagnostic & digital interventions, i.e., COVID-19 biomedical, clinical, biology/immunology research and product development.
  • Health service delivery implications and impacts of COVID-19, including utilization, supply chain, workforce, financing, digital health etc.
  • Social & structural determinants of gender dynamics affecting or impacted by COVID-19, including gender-based, intimate partner violence and sexual harassment, social protection, employment, etc.
  • Governance of COVID-19 health systems, including relationships with non-health multisectoral, private, and political actors for health (feminist movements, civil society, parliamentarians, private-sector etc.).

Last modified: April 7, 2021

Language: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish