Global Research and Learning Agenda: Building Evidence on Contraceptive Induced Menstrual Changes for Research, Product Development, Policies, and Programs Globally

Contraceptive-induced menstrual changes (CIMCs) affect family planning users’ lives and are an important cause of contraceptive discontinuation. This report summarizes the outputs of a two-day virtual technical consultation held in November 2020 on CIMCS.

Through the two-day meeting, attendees accomplished the following: 

  • Gained an overview of the existing evidence related to CIMCs and identified key gaps 
  • Contributed to the development of a Research and Learning Agenda
  • Began facilitating new and increased connections between the family planning and mental health fields
  • Identified additional key stakeholders to engage 

Provided input on appropriate global and country forums to advance the CIMC agenda

Last modified: September 1, 2022

Language: English

Source: Research for Scalable Solutions (R4S)