IGWG Gender and Health Toolkit

This is a compilation of practical resources for gender integration and mainstreaming in health policies, programs and institutions. It is designed as a companion to the IGWG website, a site for gender and reproductive health information, publications and networking.

Gender integration refers to strategies applied during program planning, assessment, design, implementation and in monitoring and evaluation to consider gender norms and to compensate for gender-based inequalities. Gender mainstreaming is the process of incorporating a gender perspective into the policies, strategies, programs, project activities, administrative functions and the institutional culture of an organization so that institutional practices promote greater equality between men and women.

The tools offered are instruments or methodologies that help users to collect and analyze information on gender roles, identities and relations and apply this information to make programs and health systems more equitable and effective. These tools are designed to move health practitioners, program managers and policy makers from awareness and commitment to direct application and practice. Key documents on programmatic evidence are included as essential references about the effect of gender integration on program outcomes and health. These documents can also be used as tools for advocacy.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English