Key Messages for Social Mobilization and Community Engagement in Intense Transmission Areas

The exponential rise of Ebola cases and deaths in West Africa has created an urgent need for practical messaging and engagement of individuals, families and key stakeholders in a community. These messages should inform individuals, families and communities, in clear practical terms, of the ways in which they can minimize their risk of catching the disease, and help them to support their family and community members safely and humanely.

The messages included in this document are a resource that national and local communication and social mobilization teams can work with and adapt to address different aspects and contexts of the Ebola outbreak, and respond in a way which does not stigmatize or marginalise anyone.

The document includes: overaching messages, supporting messages, information for those who have recovered from Ebola, information for those who have had close contact with a person with Ebola, information for those handling a person with Ebola who has died, what can you do to stop Ebola in your community.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English