Knowledge Exchange Toolbox

This Toolbox was conceived as a resource for UNICEF staff and partners to support a range of essential knowledge exchange activities in development for children. The flexibility, relevance and accessibility of the tools have inspired us to share it publicly in order to maximize its impact and potential benefit.

The Toolbox is a convenient reference for any practitioner in search of a guide for the selection and application of proven knowledge exchange methods. It has an important role in promoting the uptake and use of powerful tools that, although long known in various forms, remain underused. It is designed to empower decision-makers to choose from a variety of methods that can be applied individually or in combination, to capture and apply knowledge to help make progress on the biggest priorities and toughest development challenges for children, families and countries around the world.

In addition to providing simple tools for efficient knowledge sharing, the Toolbox also offers a wide array of other methods for learning from experience in order to improve practice and results; for effective and context-appropriate planning and decision-making; and for co-creation of solutions, in which the knowledge of diverse participants is brought to bear in order to devise solutions that no individual could have produced alone.

Last modified: September 30, 2021

Language: English