Leadership and Management Toolkit

The purpose of the Leadership & Management Toolkit is to provide evidence-based guidance, tools, and informational resources to update, expand, or develop leadership and management skills. The toolkit is intended for use by: Policy makers and program managers who are interested in adding or improving existing leadership and management skills; and Service providers, information officers, potential clients, teachers, and students who are interested in accurate information about leadership and management. The resources in this toolkit were carefully selected to eliminate the need to conduct extensive searches on multiple sites. Health policy makers, program managers, service providers, information officers, and others will find reliable, relevant, and usable information about leadership and management for health programs. The toolkit is organized to align with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) health system strengthening building blocks: 1.Leadership and Governance 2.Human Resources 3.Financing (Financial Management) 4.Medicines, Vaccines, and Technologies (Logistics and Pharmaceuticals) 5.Information (Monitoring and Evaluation) 6.Service Delivery and demand Also included is a section on General Management.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English