Making Content Meaningful: A Guide to Adapting Existing Global Health Content for Different Audiences

The Knowledge for Health (K4Health) project developed this adaptation guide to expand the reach, usefulness, and use of evidence-based global health content, specifically as it relates to family planning. The guide outlines a framework with key steps and questions for consideration as well as activity sheets and an illustrative as well as real-life case studies that will help a user in making informed decisions in the content adaptation process.

The intended users of this guide are program managers and implementers working in the health and development sectors who are interested in taking advantage of openly accessible health content—without having to develop content from scratch—to better serve their clients and communities. On a broader level, this guide is for anyone interested in adapting, repackaging, and redistributing open access educational content in different delivery formats.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English