M&E Plan Indicators Table Template

A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan is a document that helps to guide monitoring and evaluation efforts throughout the life of a program. It is a living document that should be referred to and updated on a regular basis. While the specifics of each program’s M&E plan will look different, they should all follow the same basic structure and include the same key elements.

It is important to decide from the early planning stages who is responsible for collecting the data for each indicator. This will probably be a mix of M&E staff, research staff, and program staff. Everyone will need to work together to get data collected accurately and in a timely fashion. Often it is useful to designate one person to coordinate the collection of data, regardless of how many people are involved in actually collecting data for various indicators.

Data management roles should be decided with input from all team members so everyone agrees and is clear about which indicators they are assigned. This way when it is time for reporting there are no surprises.

An easy way to put this into the M&E plan is to expand the indicators table with additional columns for who is responsible for each indicator, as shown in this template.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

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