Media Advocacy for Contraceptive Security: A Tool for Strategy Development

The Media Advocacy Tool is designed to help interested program managers, communication specialists, and representatives of funding agencies develop media relations strategies that will get reporters and editors interested in covering health issues related to contraceptive security. The Media Advocacy Tool is designed in a modular way so it can be used as part of a larger health communication strategy or as a stand-alone guide to action. With this tool, the user can simplify the more complex conceptual issues related to contraceptive security and then design and convey effective messages to audiences unfamiliar with the topic. This straightforward guide allows the user to set goals, identify credible spokespeople to deliver messages, craft appropriate messages, and plan a media advocacy campaign. The guide also includes motivating examples from the real world of successful interventions in several countries.

The tool covers fundamental aspects such as: 1. Defining contraceptive security for those who are not familiar with the concept, 2. Explaining when a media advocacy campaign makes sense within a larger communication strategy, 3. Guidance on how to set realistic media advocacy goals, 4. How to target media and assess potential impact, 5. Framing advocacy messages for contraceptive security, 6. Choosing the right spokespersons, 7. Understanding opposition, and 8. Planning and evaluating an advocacy campaign.

Last modified: August 5, 2021

Language: English