Messaging Guidelines – Risk Communication/Community Engagement (RCCE) Considerations for Covid-19

Coordinated, consistent messages are critical to providing effective communication response, enabling multiple stakeholders to speak and engage the public and communities with one clear voice across all channels of communication. Technical information alone, even if in simple, understandable language, is unlikely to prompt significant behavior change.

In addition to providing essential health information that is actionable, it is important that messages and the interventions through which they are delivered are designed:
• With respect for the community values
• To communicate care and concern
• To take into account the local context, culture, and potential stigma associated with the emergency; and be used as part of a responsive, two-way exchange with those at risk

These tools should be used in alignment with WHO’s RCCE technical guidance for Covd-19

Last modified: August 12, 2021

Language: English