Mobilising the Church: A PILLARS Guide

PILLARS guides aim to increase confidence among group members, so that they can successfully manage change within their own situation without the need for outside intervention. They try to build on existing knowledge and experiences among the members or within their community, so that different ideas can be tried out, adapted, and then either abandoned if not found useful, or adopted if found useful.

This guide encourages churches to see their work not only in terms of sharing and teaching spiritual truths but also in providing practical help and support within their communities. It includes ideas for helping the whole church to gain a vision for working in this way, based on biblical teaching. It looks at the need for servant leadership, which builds up and strengthens all church members. It gives suggestions as to how churches can widen their vision and improve their support for their communities. There are also pages on the importance of changing attitudes, learning through Bible study, planning and encouraging listening and facilitation skills.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English, Spanish