Mobilizing Religious Communities to Respond to Gender-based Violence and HIV: A Training Manual

This manual is designed to help trainers in conducting workshops for religious leaders and women leaders of faith on gender-based violence and HIV. Training is organized into four sessions and includes instruction for various activities to be included as part of the training. It is structured as a three day session. The objective of the training is to raise the awareness of religious leaders and women leaders of faith regarding gender-based violence as it relates to HIV and motivate action planning to address the issues in their own organizations and communities.

At the end of the workshop, participants should be better able to:
• Identify different types, causes, and consequences of GBV;
• Understand the link between GBV and HIV;
• Name approaches for addressing GBV through religious organizations, institutions, and/or communities; and
• Initiate dialogue on how religious leaders and women leaders of faith can mainstream GBV into faith-based interventions.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English