Monitoring and Evaluating Digital Health Interventions

This resource provides step-wise guidance to improve the quality and value of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) efforts in the context of digital health interventions, also commonly referred to as mHealth or eHealth interventions. This guide is intended for implementers and researchers of digital health activities, as well as policy-makers seeking to understand the various stages and opportunities for systematically monitoring implementation fidelity and for evaluating the impact of digital health interventions.

The Guide assists the reader to navigate through the development of value “claims”, the selection of indicators and evaluation designs associated with their digital health interventions, as well as approaches for the assessment of the quality and availability of the data from their interventions, and finally, guidelines for the reporting of findings. This progression of activities requires a combination of methods, both qualitative and quantitative, to answer the questions being asked about digital health interventions. Accordingly, this resource directs the reader through a journey that begins with defining the basic technical requirements and continues to early implementation testing and monitoring, through to the evaluation and reporting of intervention impact.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English