Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Assessment Toolkit

This tookit, known as MECAT, is a set of tools to guide organizations through a process that assesses an organization’s current M&E capacity, identifies gaps, and indicates areas to strengthen the organization’s capacity for improving the M&E system.

MECAT is useful at the national, subnational, and programmatic levels to gain insight into numerous aspects of M&E capacity:

  • Understand current M&E capacity
  • Determine gaps
  • Identify and prioritize interventions to strengthen M&E
  • Guide organizational decision making
  • Design capacity-building interventions
  • Monitor progress in M&E capacity-building efforts
  • Identify current M&E system technical and financial independence MECAT can give an organization insight into its capacity to conduct M&E activities and assess the capabilities of individual staff members to carry out M&E functions.

MECAT uses standardized tools to assess capacity to undertake and accomplish M&E activities, by measuring the status, quality, and sustainability of current M&E activities. The results are useful for guiding and prioritizing the steps an organization needs to take to strengthen the capacity of its M&E systems.


  • User Guide can be found here.
  • Individual Assessment tool can be found here.
  • Group Assessment tool can be found here.

French version of the toolkit can be found here.

Last modified: August 16, 2021

Language: English, French