Pathways to Partnerships Toolkit

“Pathways to Partnerships” is a practical toolkit for organizations and trainers who support NGOs and community groups responding to HIV/AIDS in developing countries. It can be used flexibly, with one or more NGOs, and as part of technical support visits or training workshops. “Pathways to Partnerships” is a resource that can help NGOs and community groups to strengthen their work by building strategic partnerships with people and organizations from other sectors, such as government, business, religious institutions, and the media.

This toolkit is designed to be used flexibly by facilitators – to fit in with each NGO’s priorities and work schedule. In practice, some NGOs may want to work through most of the activities systematically, as part of a single workshop or retreat. Others may decide to work through one activity at a time over several months, or to select activities according to their specific needs.

  • Section 1: What is building partnerships?
  • Section 2: Developing a partnerships plan
  • Section 3: Building effective partnerships
  • Section 4: Monitoring and sharing lessons about partnerships

It also includes work cards on building partnerships with specific kinds of organizations, namely: Business Media, Donors, Religious organizations, Governments, and Other NGOs.

Last modified: August 4, 2021

Language: English