Rapid Pro Essentials Online Course

This one-hour interactive on-demand online course developed by UNICEF and TechChange teaches participants how to get started with RapidPro, a new open source software that allows you to easily build and scale mobile-based applications and services from anywhere in the world. Access this full course for free from anywhere with an internet connection and anytime no matter your time zone.

RapidPro is a powerful tool that allows direct connection with a user on their mobile phone over SMS, voice, or social media without the help of a software developer, making it easy to adapt for different contexts and needs.

This free on-demand course was developed by UNICEF and TechChange to build the capacity necessary to successfully design, deploy, and scale SMS, IVR, and social media-based interactions using RapidPro. It is designed to be taken in 1-1.5 hours at one’s own pace from anywhere in the world.

Last modified: September 30, 2021

Language: English