Sample Focus Group Discussion and In-Depth Interview Guides

This resource is a compilation of sample focus group discussion guides that were developed in 2004 by Family Health International in collaboration with ACQUIRE/ EngenderHealth and local partners for use in Guinea. These guides were used to conduct focus group discussions and in-depth interviews on longer-acting and permanent contraception among women, men, service providers, and religious and community leaders. Such discussions can help researchers or program managers identify attitudes, beliefs, myths, or rumors that might serve as barriers to the provision or acceptance of particular contraceptive methods, such as the IUD.

This document should be used to help develop a tailored guide for a local context, rather than implemented as presented. Questions chosen for focus group discussions should be reviewed by local stakeholders to ensure they address the programmatic issues investigators wish to address. Questions should also be reviewed to ensure that they are culturally relevant and appropriate. However, keep in mind that researchers have sometimes found that it can be worthwhile to ask certain questions that may not at first seem locally relevant, especially if such questions challenge widespread assumptions.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English