SBCC Capacity Assessment Tools

The SBCC-CAT assists organizations, donors and networks, and individuals to assess the quality of their SBCC programs and identify the strengths and weaknesses of current programs in five areas: 1) situation analysis, 2) strategy development, 3) materials development, 4) implementation, and 5) monitoring and evaluation. It also helps organizations define activities that strengthen staff capacity, refocus programs, and improve the overall quality of their SBCC efforts. The SBCC-CAT can be used as a measurement tool to allow an organization, network, or individual to measure competency and capacity in SBCC over time.

Assessment Tools

Separate PDFs of the tools are available for each audience.

The tool was for use with NGOs, donors, and individuals. Together with a facilitator, organizations can determine their competencies in five areas:
1. SBCC Situation Analysis
2. SBCC Strategy Development
3. SBCC Materials Development
4. SBCC Implementation

Last modified: July 23, 2021

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